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    Here is an interesting link to a Popular Science article. It shows how to extend the signal range of a standard bluetooth dongle to over one mile...,00.html

    Working in a high-rise in Chicago, I find that there is alot of interference with various wireless signals. I hope to try this so that I can sync my 650 from another floor in our office (not a mile away, but hopefully this will be strong enough to get there).
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    There was a demo on the ScreenSavers on G4Tech TV a month or so ago where they showed a group of guys hacking into a blue tooth enabled cellphone from a mile away. While it was pretty neat to see the same time its a bit frightening. Imagine someone hacking their way into your Treo!!
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    Just to be clear, this will extend the range of my desktop computer, not my cell phone - so this modification does not increase my cell phone's vulnerability, but increases my computer's vulnerability.

    Your point is well taken, however, because the ability to extend the range at their end (hacker end) means that no one is safe. The old concept that "because Bluetooth has a short 10 meter range compared to WIFI, I am less vulnerable" is not true anymore. The guys on ScreenSavers on G4Tech TV probably did a similar modification - extended their computer's Bluetooth range to increase the number of Bluetooth devices that they can now access (more targets for hacking).

    Security of Bluetooth and WIFI are definitely cause for concern - and good firewall software is needed.

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