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    Could PalmOne be holding the 650 until they have the WiFi driver?

    Just a thought...
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    If so, expect the TREO 650 to be finally avalable in December.

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    if that is the reason for the delay, I will buy eveyone in this thread a 650.
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    {posted by mikec}
    if that is the reason for the delay, I will buy eveyone in this thread a 650.

    I don't really believe that is the reason, but just to be on the safe side, thought I'd post a reply, in case it is true so Mike can buy me new shiny 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    if that is the reason for the delay, I will buy eveyone in this thread a 650.
    Nice of you SantaMike. But I think you are safe.
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    Hey I'm all for the delay in shipment if Mike's going to buy us a new Treo ;-)
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    How do you know if this is even a delay? Their was no actual set date for the Treo 650.
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    I am in for a free 650, but I believe he is safe, they would not hold off the phone for a driver that you then need to buy a seperate card for...
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    In for a free Treo! (hey, why not?)

    I doubt it...

    ...but something like that would almost cause me to regain faith in P1.
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    Just wanted to post in this thread in case it is the reason I want a free 650!
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    i'm in for free treos
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    yeah yeah free stuff!
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    Ditto, count me in!
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    I think Mike meant to say that he'll eat crow instead of purchase a new 650.
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    Count me in. Two Treos will be fun.
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    ...or maybe the delay is because P1 has decided to add special sensors to detect poisen in the atmosphere and presence of non-class 3 life forms.
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    Add a free one here too!
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    Maybe the beam feature will work like in star trek and in that case beam me one of them shiny 650's
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    considering how totally without a clue P1/PSRC has always been with WIFI, it would be nearly a Bosox miracle if they actually produced wifi drivers --

    hope i'm proved wrong -- and i'd still cheerfully accept that free 650...
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