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    Have the default Splash Money on my T600, but am wondering if there is a more robust solution to manage basic checking and savings account (and credit, which I never use much anyway). Never tried pocket quicken either Then there's splash wallet: must be different than splash money in some capacity....

    With regards to day-day to use, do the majority of people use old school check register or high-tech Palm apps? I might be a head of the curve here, but wondering if there is a way to link your online bank statements/balances with these sofware programs

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    I love ultrasoft money. Use it with MS money. Big thumbs up!
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    Pocket quicken. I have Quicken on my mac. Everymorning in Syncs with my online banking service. When I do a hotsync I get all thr]e transactions listed in Pocket Quicken
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    I second pocket quicken. It works great.

    On line banking is not very specific term. If you mean on line banking where you upload and download/sync your transactions through software (I use Quicken for this), then there is nothing better than pocket quicken.

    If you are just downloading files or banking on line through a website, then almost anything will work since most of them sync with .QIF files (quicken interchange format files).

    I have to really sing the praises of PQ though. balances are updated on the PDA, you can sync transactions from multiple PDAs (like spouses and yours) etc... I've been using it for years and find it to be very solid.

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    I've used Pocket-Money (not MS affiliated) since my Palm i705. It is very simple to use but has extra features such as reporting if needed. It has conduits to work with desktop money software, I never use them though. I've used a palm as my stand-alone check register for years and it's never been a problem. Just be sure to backup once in a while.
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    I like UltraSoft Money. I use Microsoft Money 2005. Right now there has been no other app that I have come across that give me all-in-one step sync for MS Money for the palm os. If you use Quicken than Pocket Quicken would be the best choice. Both for these apps are very robust. The best way to download your account statements is to use MS Money or Quicken software. Than hotsync to your device. You said you are using Splash Money right now, well another way is to sync UltraSoft & PQ in the same manner that you do for Splash Money. There are other ways but I really don't feel like explaining all of them.
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    Ciara is tight. I have some of my own.
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    I've used MS Money since '92. I currently use Money 2003 (don't feel like I need to upgrade just yet). I bank online for everything: bank accounts, CCs, mortgage, loans, mutual funds, stock brokerages, etc. I wanted to try Ultrasoft Money but did not see a benefit if I can't do my banking wirelessly - I don't actually know this from experience. I could make adjustments to my accounts on my handheld but then have to hotsync to MS Money on my PC and then do my online banking. Talk about ahead of the curve. I would like REAL online (wireless) banking software on my Treo600. Anybody have any ideas?

    Right now I just use PDAnet to hook up my Treo to my laptop which is as close to wireless online banking as I can get at the moment.
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    These are great! Keep them coming (when you have time to post, of course.)

    Just saw this today: Now for something completely different...(same subject, different chapter)
    "Using your cellphone as your wallet - priceless."
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    Is there a way to do your banking wirelessly from your Treo....that is what I am looking for!! I want to communicate with my bank using Blazer (if it's possible)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gacajun
    Is there a way to do your banking wirelessly from your Treo....that is what I am looking for!! I want to communicate with my bank using Blazer (if it's possible)
    As you can imagine, on-line banking sites have pretty hefty security protocols (I use Bank of America). Blazer on my treo300 cannot handle the online banking site from BOA. Hopefully, Blazer 4.0 on the treo650 will be more capable. It would be interesting if BOA wrote a pda version of their banking website. Just need to be able to look at and transfer balances and pay bills.

    I've used pocket quicken for several years and it works great. Only thing I wish it would do better is classes on split transactions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gacajun
    Is there a way to do your banking wirelessly from your Treo....that is what I am looking for!! I want to communicate with my bank using Blazer (if it's possible)
    I use my Treo to access my credit unions online banking services with no problem. Money transfers, account balance, ect. Have never had a problem... Sprint is my provider.
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    BroncosFan -

    I, too, have Bank of America but have been able to get my balances and transfer funds from Blazer since the Treo 600 first came out. When BOA asks for your ID and password in Blazer and you enter it, it comes back to the same screen. Enter the info again (not sure why twice is OK, maybe security glitch when it doesn't see a recognized browser) and you are in. I haven't tried it on the 650 yet.
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    Just verified. The same with the 650. It's still great to be able to do banking online even if logging on takes a bit longer. It has saved me on fees by transferring funds quickly.
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    It all depends on the web browser. For some reason I can access my bankone account fine on Blazer 3.0 and 4.0, yet my Comerica account doesn't recognize my browser. But I can access any bank account with webpro. Paypal doesn't work with Blazer either. Yet again, webpro is fine. So its due to the limitability Blazer 3 and 4 have for some reason. I was informed that Bazer 4 was basically webpro. Definitely not true. It's the exact same browser with a different look.
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    Might want to give Yodlee a try
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    I only just tried to pay my AMEX bill with my Treo 650 (Sprint). I get all through it except the last page is supposed to give me a confirmation number and say the payment is complete. Instead, I get sent back two pages where I'm asked to decide how much I want to pay. AMEX tech support said they only support IE, and he had no idea what the problem was. I had cleared both cookies and cache. I have a 1 mb limit for storing pages. Nothing is disabled (ie javascript and cookies are enabled). I did decided to again choose the amount and again try to pay, but I was sent back to that same screen. [Glad BOA seems to work. I'll try that.]

    He did suggest I try another browser.

    Is there any reason to think another browser might solve this problem?
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    You might try Webviewer from Reqwireless. You can set an option in it that causes it to identify itself to the server as Internet Explorer. May or may not help.
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    Thanks. I actually own Webviewer (on an earlier phone), but I really want to have to add JAVA to the 650, with such limited memory available. I'm hoping (yah) AMEX will fix this or version 4.5 of Blazer will come out.
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    I just downloaded the newest version of SplashMoney and it now connects directly to Bank of America's online banking. Setup was a snap and I quickly was able to download my latest transactions. My question now is can I enter a new transaction that schedules an electronic transaction to pay bills... like I can with my desktop Quicken?
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