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    I use the desktop software Getmail provided by Rogers in Canada for my Treo 600, to synchronize corporate email and calendar. The email feature works without a hitch but the calendar needs to be reset daily under General, Options, Advanced, Reset Date Book. Rogers Helpdesk have not been able to solve this issue despite many calls. Can anyone suggest a fix? Missing too many appointments!
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    Get Mail is the Visto desktop, personal edition.

    1) How current is your version (within the past 2-3 months)?
    2) Are you running Exchange or Notes?
    3) If this is corporate have they upgraded to Exchange 2003?

    If this is a standard Exchange shop, not 2003 and not Lotus Notes or if this is for your own personal Outlook, I can help escalate to. Just PM me.


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    Desktop version is 4.5 (last month upgraded). I am running on Notes - the corporate standard. Would welcome any advice.
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    EWD (Get Mail) is not compatible with recent versions of notes. Calendar problems are probably a result of this. I suggest you ask Rogers to escalate you to the product manager of Enhanced Wireless Desktop.

    In the meantime, would your company support an imap solution or a server solution like Intellisync (

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