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    what's the current lead time on 600 Verizoned ordered with Viennachannels?
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    STFU already. Can't people just reply to the same threads instead of starting 100 useless ones?

    And if you're asking about the 600, you're in the wrong forum.
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    Good point, oggle. Now onto something else.

    I heard about a discount coupon? Has anybody heard about this?

    And has anyone yet asked about wi-fi on the 650?

    And while I'm at it, is there an upgrade discount for current 600 owners?

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    What about starting a thread where everybody can complain about people who start redundant threads.

    After you start this one I will start a second, third ... with the same subject :-)
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    if I see one more roadshow order thread, I'll start another wi-fi thread...

    you have been warned :-)
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    I'll jump back in and defend keram for a moment. He (or she) asked about a 600 on a 650 forum, but it was concerning Viennachannels, which is generally a 650 thread.

    And although I haven't done a search yet, I'm not sure I've seen the actual question of what is the wait on a t600 with a coupon and on the Verizon network. It is a different combination, but I'm guessing the answer is still 2-5 weeks.

    I think we're all at the saturation point with shipping dates/vienna/coupons/wi-fi/bluetooth/upgrades/verizon/new contracts/etc. and keram happened to walk in at a very bad moment!

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    1. there are 6 (including my) posting concerning roadshow. Roashow coupons are a hot topic and the subject gets mowed over few times from different angles multiple times
    2. I'd love to get 650 (that's why posting here) but for 'some reason' VZN is nowhere close to getting this done so I decided to get 600
    3. the intensity at which subjects appear on this forum indicates what the Treo community is interested in (wifi, bt, DISCOUNTED price, multiple returns). I hope P1/carriers monitors these forums to address the issues, otherwise users will get fed up and move over to PPC (eventually it will happen considering MSFT track of swallowing platforms/companies/inventions)
    4. I still did not get answer to my Q after all these postings
    5. Please don't try to censor what goes onto this board, I wish the search of forum postings worked and did not have to ask the same questions over and over. Until this happens these posts will reappear again
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    There is someone on this forum who attended the NYC show, ordered the Verizon Treo 600 on 10/6, and received it on 10/27.

    Here's the post. It was found using the search "verizon vienna 600" and doing some scrolling.


    Originally Posted by racerx2k on 10/27

    "FYI, I received my Verizon T600 from Viennachannels today. I was at the roadshow at the TechXNY. The price for mine was $199...a great deal, even if the T650 is out. I asked them if I could exchange this for the T650, but they said no."

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