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    Dear all,

    Alright guys, finally I can join your ranks. I just bought a Treo 600 at a very good price (SGD738) and am LOVING IT.

    Many thanks to Treocentral for introducing the Treo 600 to me. Many thanks to the editor for highlighting so many AWESOME, and I mean AWESOME stuff the Treo 600 can do.

    Without you guys, I won't have discovered this wonderful phone.

    You might ask why buy a Treo 600 now when the 650 is coming out? Well, I am a student and I cannot afford to keep up with tech that fast. I have to be one year late to be able to afford.

    Thank you all and god bless.
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    Have fun with your toy!!!
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    Yeah, thanks a lot..

    To the wannabes out there, if you are wondering how it feels watching a movie on Treo 600, I say the quality is acceptable...

    Just that you will feel the entire cinema is in your hands...

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