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    Hi all,

    I am a happy T-mobile customer that is off contract. I am going to stay with T-mobile for their great service. I am annoyed that I will have to shell out $200 extra dollars for a P1 Treo 650 ($599) since T-mobile isn't selling it through their stores.

    To help pay for this, I plan to ask customer retentions to give me a Treo 600 for under $200, making the argument that I refuse to pay $399 (what they want to charge me) for a phone that is already obsolete.

    I will then sell the 600 on eBay and use the extra money to pay for the 650.

    Has anyone else tried something like this?
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    Customer Retentions is for people that are unhappy with T-Mobile. Since you are a happy T-Mobile customer, karma will come back and bite you on the a$$.

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    Umm, I am actually very unhappy with T-mobile because they aren't selling the T650 when all the other carriers are. I am happy with their SERVICE, and I will be even happier when they give me my discount.
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    Everyone wants something for free.

    Everyone thinks they deserve something for free.


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    Did it work?
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    why would any one pay you more than $199 for a GSM Treo is selling the AT&T phone for $199 right now and has been for a very long time. Anyone can buy that GSM phone (Brand new, not used like yours would be considered) and unlock it if they so choose and use with any GSM service provider (T-Mobile, Cingular, AT&T, etc...) The one catch is that they have to sign up for service with AT&T, but since AT&T & Cingular are now one, I don't see that is such a big deal. As soon as the T650 is in stock and in the stores....the T600 price will even drop lower than $199.

    I wish you luck and making any money, but I dont see how you will with the extra fees that you will have to pay to Ebay and maybe PayPal. Good luck anyway, let us know if you are able to make it happen.

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