My first post. The first time I saw a Treo600 (in Feb.) I was reminded of the last time I fell in love with a tech gadget (the Iomega zip drive ... well before the rest of the world had heard of it). I still don't own a Treo (but I own stock in P1 now ... Yaaaa PLMO !!!!)

I'm going to be buying a 650 and have questions. Does anyone know if it has Dual NAM support? (IE. allow for two telephone numbers assigned to the same device?). Also, anyone know if Sprint allows for one # to forward to another?

I want to port two phone #'s to a Treo. One of them I will just always have forwarding to the other. It's kind of a waste of money, but I need one # for my business and the other is personal.

Or off-tangent, if someone knows of a CHEAP way to keep a phone number and can suggest that. I currently am using VONAGE to keep a number that's just permanently forwarded to my cell phone. Costs $15/month. Not bad - but if I could do it for less, that's cool too.

Looking forward to ordering a 650 - am just waiting to see them start shipping before I place the order.

Thanks for any thoughts.