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    Okay kids! Here we go!
    For those who are waiting for their orders to arrive, here's a summation of "our" creed as to why we will stay onboard for now with Palm One. But they over there have better get it together for there are more powerful albeit bigger 'beasts' out there ready to convert Treo Users to a new OS and/or hardware religion.
    (just check to see how many of us have left!!)
    To be brutally honest, most cats will cry and bemoan the fact that their Treo lacks this or that but the truth is the majority of these folk will never utilize these features, they just wanna impress their friends or hoping these devices will be a "chick magnet."(enter the James Bond syndrome). Or they just wanna keep up with the Joneses or the "Gates, but the real facts are clear: Most people who use convergent devices never truly use all the bells and whistles inherent in those things. I know folk who have GSM phones and wifi and they're not any richer nor more informed on current/past events! In fact some are even borderline destitute trying to keep up and be "cool." The Treo(T6) is more realistic in that while the steps to perfection are gradual, through boards such as these, we are able to kick, scream, cry foul, advise, educate and inform those engineers and everyone else what we do or don't like about a given device. In a sense we are not followers but leaders in that We dictate to the makers what we want and not vice-versa: (Hence the 650) If more folk last year clamoured for more internal ram as one poster opined, you may have had 64mb with a flash rom(64?). We don't know for sure but one thing is certain and that's form-factor and one-handed usability. Palm1 came through lovely on this and this is why we are still here! Let's face it! We hate bricks to our ears and carrying 2 devices! Be proud of that and make no apologies. No flip-flopping or changing parties after voting for your candidate in hopes that they'll deliver. If they don't, give them fair warning and even advice/consultation as to how to please us. Check?
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    There's more! I feel that we can even help P1 by offering our services to them so as to ameliorate their game. There are many lay and professional developers in this forum that can add on to their cause. Our belief is unmistakable. We hate to carry big devices that drain power. We like form and one-handedness, the ability to play music, add memory, collect and send email, synchronize our calendar all without looking like we're impressing someone. You see it must look and act quiet unless it rings(or vibrates). It can't be awkward to hold or talk. It MUST fit in our pockets next to wallet, keys, coins, lint etc.. It must have refined petite-ness that will fake out unsuspecting gawkers that glance over at us. From afar and up close it looks incognito until you unleash its' power. When held to our ear, it looks and feels like a phone but lil do they know! And we're not showoffs but patient people who tcb(take care of business) with what we have on our devices knowing that around the yearly corner, our upgrades will optimize performance and keep the naysayers talking about it(and us). We are elegant BMWs with benefits and others are tricked out Hummers! Stay tuned..
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    What we are; are frogs in pot that is beginning to boil. Palm could not have knock the market out with just a few more improvement, bold step versus minor updates. They knew how we felt (I was polled 11 months ago) They could have easily increase memory, they did on the T5. Do you believe the Road show line, We don’t think that Wifi, Memory are and important issue.
    Do we not see that more and more devices are coming out with keyboards, Wifi, better camera, bt. Etc. Why should we be faithful to them, all they want is our money they care less for you.
    If Palm loses this race it’s there own fault. In fact the Treo is not even PALM creation. All they could come up with was the T/W(failure) so they just took over HS’s idea. Palm is moving too slow and eventually will be overtaken by others.
    Does anyone remember this amount of Treo300 owners talking about the MS devices when the Treo600 came out? –answer- NO we all loved the t600 but they dropped the ball on the Treo650.
    Now if Palm link up with Linux OS we would have a house race. However is think we will only have boiled frog legs.

    By the way my T650 is already pre-ordered size does matter.
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    quote: "By the way my T650 is already pre-ordered size does matter!" end quote.

    I think that's the operative phrase here!
    Again, many will upgrade despite the gripes. And aren't Handspring and Palm1 owners one and the same? Handspring created the 600 and dissolved and Palm1 improved upon it. A laudable goal. I like to think of myself as the center of the action as a consumer and not on the margin. I don't just buy slick phones unless I am doing commerce with them, in which case, I have made enough to buy a hundred Treos! So who's the mullet? My dough may not be as long as Palm1s', but I am not just copping gadgets that do not bring me bread, just to impress friends. This is after all a business smart-phone for serious small middle and upper level entrepreneurs not Xbox, NGage children who run over to the latest thing and have leisure time on their hands to pick apart the specs or lack thereof of other devices. I have friends who are still using old Compaq Armada7360dmt laptops(no usb) with 266 mghz and making money online. The 650 phone will have more speed yet they eat well. It's not all the extras, it's how you make use of what you have. With such advanced phones on the market, why should we just be consumer sheep. Why not make our lives simpler and richer and free of someone looking over our shoulders? (become a King) Hey you wanna change P1? Buy collective stock, solicit them for work, get the OS5,OS6 Cobalt bible. Let's do more than just balk.
    Let's remake the world for the better.

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