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    First, I want to thank you all for all the great info - I've been lurking here for a few weeks since I heard about the Treo 650, gathering information. This site and all the members are awesome!

    So I currently have a pretty generic LG flip phone that's getting pretty old and crusty, and have decided to move up to a pda phone. I found out about the 650 and decided to wait it out rather than getting the 600.

    Well, my phone died last night. Completely dead. Think there's a bad connection in it somewhere. Heck, I've had it for close to 3 years I think, so i'm not surprised. Unfortunately, this has put me in a bit of a crappy situation .

    The 650 isn't out yet, but I needed a phone today. I couldn't get a low end phone and wait for the 650, because it would have used my $150 upgrade credit which I wanted to use for the Treo (or I could have payed $150-$200 for a new low-end phone to use for a few weeks). What to do?

    I ended up picking up a 600, which so far I am very happy with, but a bit bummed since the 650 should hopefully be out very shortly. The rep said I can return the 600 within 14 days, so I have my fingers crossed that the 650's show up in that time frame.

    Anyhow, while talking to the people in the Sprint store this morning about my predicament and the availability of the 650, there were a few interesting comments made by the reps.

    First, one rep told me he expected to be getting the 650's in the next week or two, but had no solid info. As far as he knew they should be shipping very shortly. Another rep in the same store told me she heard end of December (!!!) for the 650.

    The other interesting thing was when I asked about my unlimited vision transferring to the 600 I was purchasing. At first the guy misunderstood and thought I was asking about vision for the 650. He stated that once the 650 is available, it will *require* the $30/mo business connection plan for data. He said Sprint will not allow you to use the $15/mo unlimited vision with the 650. According to him, you'll not be able to purchase the 650 without the $30/mo business connection plan.

    Obviously, from reading here and from personal experience, I don't put a whole lot of faith in the knowledge of the Sprint store reps, but I thought you all might find that interesting - I haven't seen that mentioned around here yet.

    Anyhow, thanks for all the great info, and everyone cross their fingers that the 650'll show up in my local Sprint store within 14 days!!

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    Well if Sprint acknowledges and allows reasonable tethering (email, web surfing and other light duty PC apps) and enables BT DUN on the 650, then $30/month is very reasonable.
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    This is so wrong. All you are doing is exchanging the ESN. My Sprint store already has said I keep everything the same as my plan right now. Just like changing from any other phone to a new one. Just changing the ESN will not change your plan. Period. If someone says otherwise just go to another store.

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