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    Just added the VZW $44.99 internet plan last night and AOL page is coming up BLANK. Funny thing is, when I first got the the VZW Treo I signed up for the 4.99 Mobil Web feature which I was able to log onto AOL. Then it was acting weird when trying to log on lately, switching back and forth from "sending + receiving" never logging on. Called Tech-help last night and told me the Treo is not able to access the Internet, let alone AOL, with MobilWeb, even though I was able to before. Therefore, I had to subscribe the $44.99 plan and that I couldn't even try the $24.99 b/c the Treo has an "always on" feature - HUH?
    Anyway, now that I have it, I can't get AOL to load up. I can get Google, Yahoo, etc. so I know it's working. Tech even tried and also had a blank page for AOL.

    ANYBODY?? Thanks
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    I am using T-Mo unlimited internet and I am able to login, read mail, and IM with no problem.
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    Maybe it's a Verizon problem??
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    Just got off w/VZW Customer service. Have to log onto for the page to properly load up.

    Looks like I'll be downloading the AOL software for the Treo. Not too sure how to do that but I'll find out..
  5. #5 does not work for me. Sorry, I thought you had the AOL software on your treo.

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