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    Is it possible to roam in Europe on a Treo 650 made for the Sprint network?
    I didn't see anything on the Sprint site about it, only a plan for making intl calls from the US.

    I'm going on a trip for a few weeks after Thanksgiving, I sort of doubt I'll have my phone by then anyhow

    I'm still using a treo 300, and the battery is giving out ... been waiting for the magic cut-rate deal on a 650, I got the 300 when it came out for net $200 or so

    Doesn't look like the roadshow is an option for me
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    Europe uses GSM, not CDMA, so you won't be able to use a Sprint phone!
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    A while ago I had read about GSM and CDMA getting to a point that they will be interoperable ... the next gen GSM systems actually pay a royalty to Qualcomm, etc ... guess it's not there yet
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    Not a chance. There's no interoperability between the two technologies. It's possible that carriers and cellphone manufacturers will put dual chipsets in equipment of course, but the two technologies would still operate next two and independent of each other.

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