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    I have long commute to work and just ordered myself a book on CD to listen to in the car. Then it occurred to me that I may want to listen to it during my lunch ... is there a way to convert a book on audio CD to an MP3 file and load it on my card and listen to it with PocketTunes?

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    You can rip it to MP3 like any other audio CD, but you will have problems keeping your place in the book. An easier, cheaper solution is to join I have been a member for a long time and it works great on the Treo 600. I listen to a lot of audio books so I have a subscription - $120 / year for 10-12 books - so $10 or less per book. Much cheaper than buying individual Books on CD.
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    Yes, I have been toying with that idea. It does seem to make a lot of sense. Maybe I'll give it a try ...
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    So what application do you use with the Audio books? pTunes or a special app?
    Does it have bookmarks to come back to the spot in the book?

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