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    3 weeks ago I went into my local Sprint store in Deerfield, Illinois with a Treo 300 whose flip lid and flipped for the last time, aka cracked. They said Sprint/Palm/whoever knows about this problem and "they" were offering a "lifetime" warranty against cracked lids - that means no lockline involved, just a straight swap from Sprint. After repeatedly checking and expecting a refurb'd Treo 300 within the week, one week later the Store Mgr. said there are no more Treo 300's in inventory, so he offered and I accepted a refurb'd Treo 600 with a March 2004 date on it and Rev. level C on the spot - no charge! How about that!

    By the way, reminder on how to check the rev level and whether it is refurb'd or not is ##786 on the dialpad. Now that I'm getting used to the 600, I am awaiting my Treo 650 using the Treo roadshow discounted price. Got to tell you though, the speed on everything on the Treo 600 compared to the Treo 300 makes me forget about the simplicity of the Treo 300. Bye, bye 300!

    Morale of the store - go to your local Sprint store with a Treo 300 cracked lid and ask for a Treo 600!
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    i suppose i would take that if i had to, but i never wanted the 600 which is why i still have the 300... i will be getting the 650, mainly because of the bluetooth, but i still prefer the form factor of the 300
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