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    Just saw this today...

    "Updated Information(11/10/2004): Coming Soon!! PdaNet for Treo 650 (Supports Bluetooth). Don't forget to check again later!"

    I was gonna pass on the T650, but if the latest version of PdaNet offers significant improvements over the T600 version, I might have to jump in and join the upgrade bandwagon. If that means waiting more than 6 months (after palmOne & Sprint iron out their Bluetooth kinks and firmware upgrades) so be it. By then, the T650 should be cheaper anyway!

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    For reasons of power management and connectivity after dealing with Bluetooth, I'd rather use a cable with PDAnet on the 650.

    I didn't catch on their site whether or not this will be another entirely new "required" upgrade for compatibility with the Treo650, or whether the $35 I plunked down on the 600 version a few months ago will still work with the 650. I would hope they will release at no charge whatever compatibility patch necessary to make this happen, but if they want ANOTHER $35 just to use PDAnet on the latest model (essentially the hardware fixes to the rushed-out 600) then that's the last program I buy from them.

    Hopefully they can build on the 600 release, and just gain more points for releasing it as a complimentary upgrade to the OS5 Treo PDAnet buyers. Otherwise we'd end up paying them every time PalmOne sneezes out another hardware improvement/repair. :shortcut:

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