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    hey does anyone know if audible for 600 is working also with the 650? I love listening to books on my treo and looked in there site but there is no 650 software upgrade or anything like that.
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    What would make it even better though is to be able to pipe the Audible content over BT to your headset, or in the case of some, your car stereo.

    I've got a few hundred hours worth of Audible books and can never find time to catch up!
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    I agree I tend to drive alot during my work time and that would be superb...
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    I used to have a 90 mile one way commute (Manchester, CT. - East Fishkill, NY.) Now I live in Poughkeepsie and only have about 30 minutes on back roads. The Audible time is the only thing I REALLY miss.
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    on the audible site they did mentioned the 650 in along with the 600 so I would an upgrade is in the works... hopefuly
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    <rubbing hands in a greedy way> Excellent Smithers.... I already have a 1GB SD card ready.....
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    I don't know about the 650, but I use my Treo 600 regularly to listen on my car stereo to audio books downloaded from . Just get an FM transmitter from Radio Shack -- plugs into your cigarette lighter for power, into the audio jack on your Treo (with the Treo headphone adaptor), and plays through any of four unused FM frequencies on your car radio. Works fine.

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