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    By the way, If I want to try out a 650 and I now have service with Spring, will my number be ported over for the test or will they give me another number?
    you call Sprint and take care of it yourself

    can't you use the sim card from your existing phone in your demo Treo?
    Only GSM customers are lucky enough to do this. Cingular/ATT and T-Mobile. Many of these people on the boards are with Sprint or Verizon and don't have Sim cards.

    when do you get the coupon, at the begining or the end?
    in other words do you have to be at the show for the entire time, or can you just go for an hour or so and still quailify?
    You must be there at the beginning to sign in, and you must be there at the end to fill out survey to qualify for coupon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    Only way I can see to get both is to order from P1 to get the headset, and order from VC to get the $350 price, and then sell one of the phones on ebay. For the forseeable future, I think you'll be able to get full price for the phone by itself on ebay, less the acution fees, of course.
    That's my plan. I don't think you can expect to get the P1 headset on an order through the Vienna channels promo. But there's nothing to stop you from buying two and selling the second phone on ebay. Plus, since nobody really knows at this point which source will be faster, you're covered and should get at least one phone pretty quickly!

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    I'm signed up for the DC Road Show, both morning and afternoon sessions. If I attend both, will I be able to get two phones at the coupon price?

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    Interesting question. I suspect that the answer to that depends on the answer to this question (which people who have already attended can easily answer): When you arrived, did you have to show any sort of proof as to who you were? I suspect not (since I think that walk-ins were OK). So, if you want a spot in both parts, you theoretically could sign up with two different names and end up with two valid coupons. Not that I'm condoning this sort of thing.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I'm signed up for both sessions using the same name. I thought the focus of each session was to be slightly different. I guess I could ask about the coupons at the first session.

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