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    I was contemplating upgrading my stock of unlocked 600, 270 & 180 to 650 but the answer I got from PalmOne Canada was disappointing. Here’s my question and their answer for those of you who are interested. (I must say the first statement the esupport CSR makes had me wondering sprint selling gsm 650’s?)


    We have a few unlocked Treo 600's and wish to upgrade them to 650. I understand that currently only cdma version has been made available. Can you answer following queries?

    1) When will UNLOCKED GSM Treo 650 be available for sale in Canada? (Expected date of delivery)

    2) Will there be any upgrade incentives offered to existing Treo (unlocked gsm) 600 customers?

    3) We also have a few 180 & 270's that we want to upgrade, will there be upgrade offers for these as well?

    An early reply will be appreciated, we are in middle of restructuring our company and need to make a hasty decision as to should we wait for 650 or switch to competition.

    Thank you,

    The Treo 650 GSM version is only available currently in the US on the Sprint network only. In Canada, due to carrier partnership agreements, we only have Treo 600 GSM (Rogers) and CDMA (Bell Mobility). The newer Treo 650 GSM version with Rogers will likely be available by Spring 2005, with the CDMA Bell version following shortly thereafter (there are no immediate plans to provide unlocked units in Canada). Specific release dates have not been determined as of yet. As for upgrade programs, again, nothing has been determined as of yet but any such programs will likely be announced by the carrier at the time of launch and will fall within their upgrade policy timelines and qualifications.

    I know you were looking for a more definitive answer, but this is what we have been provided with to date and will have more up to date information at the time of the launch.
    palmOne Canada, Inc
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    I'll definitely be upgrading, although to Rogers or Bell, I have yet to decide. All I know for upgrade incentive if I stay with Rogers is that I get $120 off the prehardware upgrade, so around that time even with 15 months remaining on contract (assuming April 16 the 650 gets released) I only have to pay new activation (2 year) price + $30.

    But I love my Treo 600, I won't be in a hurry to get rid of it. I'm still debating... high res screen, bluetooth, and removeable battery is nice (higher speed cpu is just a bonus), but the lo-res screen is sufficient for everything I do (only want hi-res for Documents and mmPlayer), bluetooth is not needed (I used stereo headphones anyway), and my Treo 600 gets awesome battery life, and the cpu is fast for the resolution... so, still debating...
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    Well it sucks (for me) if Rogers doesn't offer the 650 till Spring of 2005, but I'm betting I'll be able to get my hands on an unlocked (albiet unsupported, undiscounted) 650 from Expansys much sooner than Spring. (I'm hoping they'll have some unlocked GSM versions available to ship in January, although that may be wishful thinking.)

    The question is will I still want a 650 by the time I can actually get one?
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
    --Treo 650 unlocked/unbranded with Rogers
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    Sad...but I guess it will keep $700 in my pocket a little longer...since I most likely won't get any credit.

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