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    I have been trying to use the browser on the treo to download attachments from my yahoo account because apparently this is the only way to insert new ring tones on the treo . The browser does even show a 'download' button. Please help
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    Are you trying to download from the full or mobile yahoo site? I cannot download from the mobile site and I don't think you can download from the full site via Blazer either. Even if you could, you would need a file extension manager b/c Blazer would probably have problems with the attachment file types. However, you could try using webpro which may work, but I doubt it...

    A much simpler solution would be to use a 3rd party email client like snappermail or versamail to download your email attachments. It is simple and very convenient imo. Of course, you will have to pay for pop3 service on Yahoo mail...
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    First of all, make sure that the ringtones you are trying to download is in MIDI format.

    For you to be able to get MIDI ringtones on your treo, you could either email it to yourself (using the mail app in the treo600) as an attachment or you could download using the built-in web browser in the treo by going into websites that have MIDI content..

    im not sure if browsing the web to download the attachment from ur web-based email account would work..i have not heard of that.this is the first time though...=)

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