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    I have a Treo 600 that I purchased in January of from T-Mobile's corporate client group. My contract ran out last month so I don't have an obligation to stay with T-Mobile. I am considerig the switch to Sprint to get a Treo 650 and want to sell my "gently used Treo 600 on eBay. I am sure I can get a better price for it if it was unlocked. Can you legally do this? How do you do this?

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    call t-mo.
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    i used the free unlock patch from mtdn....worked great.
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    and t-mo gave me a run around when trying to unlock it.....

    it was so simple a few months ago.

    i f/w updated the treo (with the t-mo f/w) and it became locked and they tried to tell me that i had to call p1 for the unlock code.
    t-mo cust care is not what it used to be.
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    . . . . where do I find the "free unlock patch" for my T-Mobile? Is there a new/different patch if I updated my firmware like everyone else? Thanks.

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    Post your request in this thread at here and you will get instructions on how to apply the unlock patch yourself
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    T-mobile is (or was) usually very flexible in regards to Unlocking phones. As it was said earlier, try to call them. in a few days they will email you an unlock code.

    May be they've become more strict... I'm now on Cingular.
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    i just called them last month to unlock another phone. they did, no questions asked.
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    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    I've been with TMO since days of omnipoint and they have never refused to unlock a phone or PDA. In the old days you had to be a customer for 6 months, then they dropped to 3 months;nowadays it takes 24 hours or less.....
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    TMO unlocked my Treo with no trouble, took them a day or two to email me the code, but that was it... just call then and ask for Wireless Data Services, they tend to know more about these things =)

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