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    I love my treo 270, and my busy schedule really demands that this thing work!!

    Yesterday after syncing my information, I got this weird error message (the data sync-ed, thank goodness). Now, whenever I try to relaunch the desktop, I get the "unexpected error- #50" message. I am working on a Mac (9.0). I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, and keep getting the same error message.


    Anyone got any insights????
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    It is mostly caused by data corruption. Please follow the steps below:

    1. Locate the Palm User Name folder from your desktop. To locate the file:

    1. First go to your hard disk
    2. Click on the Documents folder
    3. Click on the Palm folder
    4. Then the Users folder.

    2. Drag the Palm User Name folder to your desktop (you can delete it later).
    3. Change the conduit settings of your HotSync Manager. Change the action to “Handheld Overwrites Desktop” or “Synchronize the file”. To change the conduit setting procedure, visit the link below:,CASE=26460

    4. Then run HotSync.

    If this will not solve the problem, use this alternative solution:

    1. Create a dummy user name on the Palm Desktop Software then close the application.
    2. Drag the Palm User Name folder to the desktop (then delete it later).
    3. Open the Palm Desktop Software again and delete the previous user name identical to the one that is being dragged out to the desktop.
    4. Then run HotSync.

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