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    I just got the Treo 600 from Verizon and really liked it up until I realized that it didn't allow me to use the stulus to write. I dont like using the keyboard because it is so much slower. Is there any software out there that I can download to add the graffiti back?
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    try newpen...
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    I felt the same way when I first got my Treo 300. After asking the same question on that forum, I found Graffiti Anywhere. It allows you to set a button to turn on graffiti and you write anywhere on the screen. It shows you what your drawing and then posts the letter where the prompt is.

    I'd post the file but, to be honest, I got so used to typing on the keyboard, I stopped using it. I didn't even load it onto my 600 when I upgraded.

    Search for Graffiti Anywhere and install it, but I'll wager that within a few weeks, you'll adjust just like I did. Especially with the 600, there are only a few programs where I even use the Stylus anymore. The navigation is much improved over any Palm I've used in the past.

    Good Luck
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    I use Graffiti Anywhere all the time. I would take that bet, because I tried to love the keyboard but found that writing with the pen was quicker and less of a fiddle.

    You will want to put the old Graffiti 1 files onto the 600, but all that is covered elsewhere on this forum.

    Have fun,

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    Yes GA! Also search for instructions on how to replace with the old graffiti libraries..
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    Jot (similar to GA) was the first program I put on my T600 as soon as I bought it, but like many others, I have learned to love the keyboard ( with KeyCaps600) and I would say I now use the stylus about 10% of the time.
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    I used graffiti on the Newton. Loved it. Used it on a Handspring Prism. Loved it.

    Couldn't believe there wasn't a graffiti version available for the Treo 300, but I bought one and installed the graffiti app. Started using the keyboard, and suddenly the stylus became a pain.

    When the 600 came out with the directional pad, then stylus usage dwindled even further.

    As to speed of text entry, someone on the web had a data entry contest comparing graffiti and thumbpads about a year ago, and despite graffiti users best attempts, they were unable to match the speed of the thumb typists.

    The 650's keypad is even more user friendly, (got to type on one at the roadshow), so I'm looking forward to that upgrade.

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    I too was very dissapointed when I found that the T600 didnt have grafiti (or a good memopad) but I found the keyboard to be a much better solution for me. Considering I usually end up taking notes when I'm driving, the one hand opeation of the keyboard has proven to be much easier... Not to mention safer.
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    You can really write faster with grafitti than with the keyboard?? wow. After 5 minutes with the keyboard I couldn't imagine ever using the stylus again... (to write)

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