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    They are really dumping the 600. If you go to Best Buy's partner web site fo cell phones, it shows the Treo 600 free after rebates.
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    That's quite a discount...



    Whoa Momma - it's changed!!!

    When I posted that link it said "Free!"; it now says "$399.99"!

    As such, this thread has become moot.
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    I'm not sure how those rebates add up to a free phone.
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    Here's a screen shot. There doesn't appear to be any adding involved, but it doesn't appear to show all the rebates if you follow through the process. It only lists a $200 rebate so maybe this is a misprint.

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    I went through the process just to check it out, and it looks more like a $200 rebate to me. Total purchase price looks more like $400 unless I'm missing something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    Good catch SV. I guess we were right that it was a typo.

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    I saw few treo 600s in a store yesturday priced at 450 before rebates. So the price with sprint rebate would be 300. Some stores give an additional rebate for new activation so you could end up with one for 150 or so if you are not a current customer.

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