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    I saw that some people had thier orders cancelled. I placed my order on the 9th and for two days it said "order recieved". I was out of the office today and got an email from palm at 11:00am saying to contact them within 24 hours because of a problem with the credit card. At 11:19am (nineteen minutes later) I got an e-mail saying that my order had been canceled.

    When I got back into the office at 4:00 I immediately called the bank and then Palm. Bank wanted to confirm my charge. Palm said that my order is cancelled and there is no way to maintain my order position. In disgust I complained that this was a pretty poor way to run business, and gave up, without ordering anything.

    Why bother sending an email giving me 24 hours to confirm the order when they just cancelled it..

    Rep told me that it was probably just arbitrary, but would be happy to take my order.

    I know that this is just ranting, and I am going to write a letter to Palm management in the morning, but it just seems that they have managed these rollouts very ameturishily.

    Perhaps the other cancellations were just arbitrary as well

    Hey palm if your reading this order number 041109-813600
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