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    I have the Treo 600 with operating system Palm OS5.2. My problem is that I use desktop version 4.1.4 (Palm), which has more detailed info for each contact. Example; with each contact I can enter work address, home address, etc.., but when I synch with the Treo only the work info goes in. I spoke with Treo and they informed me that the Treo 600 is only equipped for 5.2. I really don't buy thatI can't put 5.4 on the system. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Much appreciated and have a nice evening!

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    It's not a matter of whether you can do it. It's really a matter of are you allowed to do it. Pa1mOne is a licensee of the OS from PalmSource. They may not be licensed to run 5.4 on the 600. This means that PalmSource can not release 5.4 for the 600. The ROM image would be difficult to come by.

    Even if PalmSource were to get the wild hair to release 5.4 for upgrade, the amount of work done by Handspring's team to make 5.4H so that it had telephony functions would be unrecognizable. Also, with the 650's subtle hardware differences, I doubt the ROM image of 5.4 would work on a Treo.

    I would love the opportunity to put 5.4 on a 600, but it would be PalmOne's decision whether to make this possible or not.

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    I think that there's no way that PalmOne is going to work on that. They are in a really hot (difficult) position right now.

    They must crank-out new devices and cost-reduce existing ones to resist the current smartphone tide.

    I'm looking forward to get a 650!

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