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    All this talk about how the new 650's 23MB of free memory isn't a limitation makes me chuckle. Recently I installed Win-Hand on my almost full T600. After a few sessions I started getting errors that there was insuficient memory to run apps. I couldn't even launch Blazer.

    I used Filez and removed the large WinHand cache file and that helped free up almost 2MB. But I want to clean up some more space. Problem is that the Treo file system jumbles all the files together in (mostly) one folder so I can't tell what is what. I can't tell which files are very important or belong to programs I don't to cripple.

    Short of deleting everything and starting fresh, does anybody have any suggestions on how to intelligently clean up my files?

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    This is what I would do.

    - Check you cache on the web browswer also. Maybe set too high.
    - Move all your games off to an SD card.

    These two things for me cleared up alot of stuff. Then I took a hard look at the programs I had. There were several that I never used. I intended on using, but it just never happened. So off they came.

    Without listing the entire deal, why don't you tell us what big things are installed.
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    IMO, the best way to free up RAM is to use PowerRun. If you think that it's similar to using the inbuilt VFS system (moving apps to Palm/Launcher), think again:

    PowerRun is great for apps who aren't VFS-aware. A good example would be RMRDiet or Leaonard Maltin Movie Guide. Not all their databases are able to run off the SD and some of them are pretty large (adds up to 1MB or so).

    PowerRun dumps all these to the SD and moves them to RAM when you launch the shortcut. Once you exit the program, PowerRun moves these files (and any changes you may have made to them) back to where they came from.

    The downside is that all that loading ain't gonna be fast, but it doesn't take too long either. Average launch time is around 2~3 seconds. When you compare that to the space you'd free up and the number of times you actually used the app, 2~3 seconds is worth the wait.
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    I use LauncherX, but as you point out, many apps and games need to copy themselves to the internal RAM in order to run. Also, once while on a trip, the memory on my SD card got corrupted and I found myself without all the apps I had loaded on it.
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    I just limit the programs I put on. Its almost like being a Quaker. If Palmone wanted me to have access to all those things, they'd have built me, I mean my Treo, that way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDoom
    I just limit the programs I put on. Its almost like being a Quaker. If Palmone wanted me to have access to all those things, they'd have built me, I mean my Treo, that way!
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    Others have probably already thought of this, but it helped me gain some memory so I thought I'd mention this simple option given how little memory we have to work with... I used Datebk5 to purge old datebook/calendar records. I selected to purge all data prior to 1Jan2003 and 2400+ records were deleted. Below are the approximate file sizes before and after purging:

    BEFORE purge
    Datebook 1.8MB
    Calendar 1.9MB

    AFTER purge
    Datebook 1.8MB
    Calendar 0.6MB

    I then deleted the Datebook database. Not sure if this was a huge blunder or not, but Datebk5 and the builtin Calendar app seem unaffected with all info intact. If it reappears, I'd assume it will be closer in size to the post-purge Calendar DB. I hope this helps.

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