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    I made brief mention of this in another thread but wanted to start up a thread dedicated to it, so here goes...

    Do you think that video playback (via MMPlayer, SmartMovie, Kinoma, whatever) will be slower (and/or worse quality) on the Treo 650 vs the 600? The way I figure it, watching a 160x120 (Treo 600 style) video on the 650 will either require watching it within a tiny window on the screen or scaled to fill the screen (which might require using more CPU processing and, thus, be slower). Or, you could create a video which takes advantage of the 650's higher resolution (say, 320x240). This would, of course, look much better but since it's a significantly higher res, the performance could be much worse.

    The Treo 650 has a faster processor, but the processor is from a completely different manufacturer I belive, so the extra megahertz may or may not equate to real performance gains.


    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    i watched a video on Kinoma Player on a 650 today at the Boston Treo Road Show and it looked terrific
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    Well think of this, the 650 has twice the screen res, but it also has twice the processing power, so it should play at better quality. It may not play the best at first, but once mmplayer or whatever you use tweaks the software for the 650, I sure the 650 should easly out perform the 600 in every way with movies. I hope it does anyways
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldfinger
    Well think of this, the 650 has twice the screen res,
    Technically, the 650 has four times the screen res. (320x320 has 4 times as many pixels as a 160x160 screen.)
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    Already been tested. Web and video are great!
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    My girlfriend has the Zire 72 -- 312mhz, 320x320 res, just like the treo 650.

    On my Treo 600, a 160x112 video @ 105kbps/64kbpsaudio and 15fps benchmarks at 29.7fps.
    On her Zire 72, a 320x224 video @ 224kbps/64kbpsaudio and 15fps benchmarks at 50fps., and @30fps it's around the same, although IMO on a PDA, 15fps looks smooth enough, and it has a better quality too.

    This is all DivX encoded and played on mmPlayer.
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    Rather surprising but glad to hear it.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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