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    Thanks to this forum, I found out about the free bluetooth headset that Palmone offers for upgrade users. Trouble is, I ordered this phone thru Palmone around midnight PST on 11-7-04, and was told that I have a "great" order number since they have been swamped with 650 orders since then. According to P1 customer service, my only option to get the headset is to cancel my 11-7 order and order the 650 again.

    What would you do? Cancel to get the headset, but wait (god knows how much) longer for the phone? Or keep the "great" order number because they can't possibly have enough 650s for awhile, right?

    Any advice appreciated!
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    How important is the headset to you? More so than getting the T650 ASAP. If not then keep your order number. If the headset is important, cancel the order.

    It stinks because I too did my order early not realising that there was a free headset to get. It doubly stinks that P1 cannot modify an existing order...I mean come on, this is the 21st C, even Quickbooks can modify and existing order. How hard can it be to add an additional line with the free head set?
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    Get Both... 30 day return policy.
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    Im in the same boat.. I didnt blink twice to cancel my order. No way!!! I can do without a blue tooth headset. I dont even think I would use one anyhow. To me it looks geeky.. plus dont sit on the phone for that long.
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    Yeah, just order two! Send the phone back on the second order. hehe
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    So, with the free BT headset, which Jabra model is it? The 200 or the 250?
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    Based on the P1 specs & the price it should be the 250. A P1 rep said its the 200. I believe it will be the 250
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    Does anyone remember what it was like when the 600 came out last year? Were there shortages? In hindsight, what was the best way to get a 600 then?
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    Definitely cancel, get the bt earpiece for free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardls
    Get Both... 30 day return policy.
    From what I hear from others in another thread and personal experience, they go ahead and cancel the previous order if another under the same addy is added.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardls
    Get Both... 30 day return policy.
    Don't get both it may mean some of us don't get one. I say cancel the first one in case I am between the two.
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    I would cancel the first and get the second, even if it takes a few days more I think the free headset is worth it. I bet a lot of people canceled their order anyway, so you won’t lose that much time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardls
    Get Both... 30 day return policy.
    good idea
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    I called P1 and gave the guy my serial number. He pulled it up and said he was sorry my 250 was not shipped and would immediatly ship it out at no charge. I just received it today (with an invoice for 99.00 but he told me this would happen and disregard-we shall see what hits credit card) but not sure I want to use if quality is not has good as 600 earpiece which I know I am not having any problems with. I will give it try since several of my experiences were not the same as I read on the board but the board has been great. Good luck. Call Palm One direct.

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