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    I just downloaded the demo of Ms. Pacman from Although I like the game, the problem I have is that the PHONE and CALENDAR buttons are used to move left and right. The UP and DOWN buttons work as you would think they would on the D-pad. The game let's me define the keys, but doesn't allow me to assign the left and right movements to the D-pad. Is there an application that will allow me to do this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by szelik
    Is there an application that will allow me to do this?
    You could try Flexbutton. I'm not positive that it'll work, but it sort of seems like it should do what you want. This page is poorly translated from Japanese, so it looks like you'll be flying without documentation on this one (unless you speak/read Japanese).
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    Thanks for your help Snerdy......I found a copy in English, but not too sure on how it works. Any ideas where I can get some basic instructions on how it's used?
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    Here is a pretty cool freeware version of pacman called pacdude:

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