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    I just called Sprint to see if they still stocked Treo 300s (acting like I wanted to buy one) and the guy on the phone told me that they are no longer selling them because they are getting the T650 in at the end of the week. I hope that this means that the insurance company will no longer be carrying them as well. This could mean great up grades to the 600 if true. Anyone else heard anything yet?
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    My treo 300 recently broke and Lockline replaced it with the treo 600 which in my opinion is much better. Hope that helps.
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    My Treo 300 broke about 2 weeks ago. Lockline replaced it with a Brand New Treo 300.
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    I have 2 more weeks b4 3 can make my claim. Either way, I hope to have a fixed Treo
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    not so fast. here's 6,600 Treo 300's for $70,000
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    Wow. Ten bucks a piece. I wonder how PalmOne recognized THAT revenue...
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    Blh20s: Let me know how things turn out. I am very interested to see if Lockline lets their inventory dwendle as well since Sprint will no longer be selling the unit.
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    I will keep everyone posted. My big day to make the claim will be around Nov 29th I think. I love my Treo 300 but do not like the small problems I am experiencing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    Wow. Ten bucks a piece. I wonder how PalmOne recognized THAT revenue...
    soooo... who wants to loan me $70,000? I'll double their money back! hehehe
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    If you read on, all these units are probably returns for minor or major problems. They are not brand new, nor are they refurbished (no manuals or accessories). Would anyone buy a broken 300 for $10? I have a newly refurbished one that's been sitting in my desk for over a year. It's definitely outdated.
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    I received a TREO 300 from lockline about 4 weeks ago, it broke one week ago (crappy flip)....Took it into sprint store..they took five days to tell me they couldn't get a replacement....they upgraded me to a 600 no extra cost....TODAY.

    Good Luck to all of you with yours.
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    That is the same thing that I hope happens to me. Jeffhas, did you have to do anything special in order for them to upgrade you to the 600? I need to know the tricks of the trade for when I make my claim.
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    I just went to a local Sprint store in Indianapolis to do some research. While I was there I noticed that they still had a T300 on display for $250 with their rebate. The lines were crazy so I didn't have a chance to pick the brain of a sales rep. My thoughts are that as soon as the 650 becomes available that they will replace the 300s in their line. What do you guys think?
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    One of my folks took her broken flip into Sprint and they replaced it with a 600 on the spot. (Hollywood, FL) I have another broken flip on order thru lockline with delivery scheduled for Thursday, 11/18. Waiting to see what they send. Hopefully a 600 since I need to file another broken flip claim for a DC user.

    Down to my last 22 300's left to support. The end is in sight!
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    I've heard that Sprint never takes a repair of the product they sell. They just make some excuses.

    The only thing they do is replace you with a more satisfactory product.
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    A new or more satisfactory phone would be OK w/ me. BTW who did you hear this from? Did someone from Sprint tell you this or was it just someone guessing?
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    doesnt mean that at all. The insurance company has stocks of referbed 300's. Probably limited new ones, but every week people here write about how they got a referbed 300 from insurance
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    Sprint could not service repairs to palmOne devices since they only request or order these CDMA devices and don't have much knowledge with the organizer's inbuilt circuitry or design but rather to the CDMA phone system only, which I also belive again to be provided by palmOne developers. With their policy, palmOne is no longer responsible with Sprint products.
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    so blh, ne update on the treo switcheroo? my 4900 is dying on i've got dads old 300 to activate.
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    I took my T300 into a Sprint Store and they told me that they needed to do a Warranty replacement. The rep looked in the computer to see if there were any refurb 300's in the warehouse. And to my surprise she told me they are oout of the 300 and will need to send me a 600
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