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    For anyone that has purchased a NEW 600 in the last couple months, do you feel the quality control issues have been solved? Any buzzing reported by the people you are talking to? Screen issues? Abundance of blue dots in your pictures?

    I would love to get the 650, but not sure I can swing the $$, and as the prices for the 600 are dropping, I might go that route. (I'm still holding on to my Samsung i300)
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    Just a bump. Who's bought their 600 in the last 2-4 months? Are you having problems with/ the buzzing?
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    Had my 600 for about a month now. No issues to report.
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    Same. Bought a VZW 600 about a month ago. No problems at all. Love it.
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    I also bought a verizon T600 just about 2 weeks ago. I have had a couple of resets but nothing damaging. Sound is good and clear with no buzzing. I am even starting to get used to the low res screen on it. (I do miss the high res screen on my TE).

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