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    I was quoted from the manager of the 56th St./Lexington Ave. store that the Treo 650 is scheduled to arrive there on 11/18 (next Thursday) and will be available for sale immediately. I was also told that three other "media phones" will be arriving at the beginning of next week (11/15).

    Does anyone else have corroborating info.?
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    That jives with what the Sprint Boca Raton told me also.
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    Other media phones?
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    sounds intresting try and get some more info please
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    Doh! I was so interested in the 650 (I don't think she was too thrilled when I flashed my Verizon 600) that I forgot to ask the models of the 3 other phones.

    She said that 3 phone will be coming in at the beginning of next week. I asked if the Treo was one of them. She said no and went on to give me the 11/18 date. When I returned back to the question of the other three phones she said they were "media phones." I'm thinking media-centric here, obviously. I did ask her if they were smart phones to which she replied "no"

    I should've, at the very least, asked her the models of those phone. Dang.

    Oh yeah, she did not know how many 650s were coming in the shipment.

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