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    I can get an audio alert for a voicemail when i'm using the phone. The problem is if I get voicemail and the phone goes into "auto off" mode there is no audio message alert. How can I get a alert tone while the phone is in auto off, if it is possible to do so. Thanks
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    How could you get an alert if it's off?
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    Good question larryk. How can I set my Treo to not go to "auto off". On my treo the only options for "auto off" I see are 1. 30 seconds, 2. 1 min., 3. 2 min., 4. 3 min.
    My problem is if i'm away from my phone for more than 3 minutes and I get a voicemail during that time i wont be notified, by audio, of the message unless I manually wake up the Treo. Thanks
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    Try TreoButler. I think it's called Butler now
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    Thanks Burkhardi - Butler will work great

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