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    I am a Treo 270 user for almost 2 years, based in Europ.
    I have some Wireless issues. When I turn on the Wireless mode some time the following message appear : « Please check your SIM card » but my Treo 270 find the network and I can make phone calls. The problem is everydays, even if I am in a very clear coverage area my Treo loose the network and if some one call me he can ear a message from the wireless service provider telling « this phone number does not exist ... ». At this stage if I try to make a phone call a message appear on the Treo’s screen « Network problems …». So I should turn off - on the Wireless mode and then I can make my phone call. Can you help me ?
    I tried to insert my SIM card in a different GSM phone, it does work with out any problem.
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    The Treo 180/270's SIM-card door has a tendency to become loose, so the card itself isn't properly pressed against the inner contacts anymore. Check if you can make it loose/regain signal by slightly moving/pressing/pulling the SIM door.

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