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    1. Is the speakerphone full-duplex?

    2. Once and for all, will Sprint disable the DUN Bluetooth profile? If not, will my Vision data plan be "metered" like the SonyEricsson BT phone?

    3. Mac support. Why, when Mac popularity is on the rise, would P1 drop support for this platform? BOLO for the next Consumer Reports...the iMac is on the cover. Apple is in the news constantly. Each day I log onto, the headlines are dominated by Apple news. PCMag has so much Apple talk/articles/etc, it's quite comical. Case in point, as a Mac/Windows user, I'm pissed P1 can't devote a small team to at least supporting bluetooth/syncing. It's laziness/greediness, IMO.

    4. Under Sprint's insurance plan, I pay $5/month, and if I drop my device and it cracks the screen or stops working, will they send me a new 650 for the $50 deductible? Seems too good to be true.

    5. Will the extra bright keys be...well, too bright in a dark car/room? I'm afraid they will overpower the screen.

    6. I've used palms for years, and am curious of the feasibility of one-handed operation of the Treo. That's what I like most about my Toshiba 4050. I can tap a quick text msg, answer calls, etc. all with one hand (especially usefull while driving). Is this possible on the Treo (i.e. is full operation possible w/o constantly reaching for the stylus).

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    1. Don't know.

    2. It is currently disabled but it was stated that sprint will add that feature back in very soon after release. I know currently that they do monitor how much data you use, and apparently will shut you down if your using it as a modem for a laptop.

    3. They do support mac, and I think its more than the suport for when the 600 came out.

    4. I have the insurance plan also, and as far as I know, if it breaks for any reason, they will send you a new one, and at the worst, a refurbished one.

    5. I do know from what I have read, they are bright, and I don't think there is a way to turn them down...

    6. with out a doubt, the treo 600 was and is a one handed device, and with the 650 having the menu and home buttons by the 5 way, will definitly be better.

    Hope this helps.

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    4. The screen is much brighter than the keys. No doubt utilities will appear to adjust/turn them off.

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