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    Alright, I'm a VZW customer with 1 year remaining on my contract (translation....I can't get a 650 for about 7 months or so or until VZW rolls it out). I'm about to start a new job where I'm going to HAVE to be very diligent with my meetings/appointments. Hence, this is where a 600 comes in (I stopped carrying my pda because I got tired of carrying two items all the

    Since the 650 is on the verge of being rolled out....I feel there should be some killer deals on the 600. The only thing I've really found though was some free accessories. That's nice, but there should be something a bit nicer out there than that. Anyone heard of anything? Thanks!!!
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    If you're really gung ho about getting a deal, then wait until after the 650 starts shipping. Prices for the 600 MAY go down.

    But realisitcally, I wouldn't count on it with Verizon. They'll probably continue with the current 600 price for a long while. They have a nasty habit of thinking they're the only carrier worth going to, and are of the philosophy that if they don't have a phone, then the phone simply doesn't exist, and that their "exisiting" phone prices are justified, even if they're clearly not.
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    The cheapest deal at the moment is AT&T ($200), then Cingular ($274)

    Both are on Amazon, and require Service Activation (1yr). Of course, there's a mail-in rebate involved...

    It's probably better than anything you'll find in a store. Don't lock yourself in a 2yrs contract.
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    Well if I went with AT&T or Cingular, I'd go with the 650....I'm stuck in VZW for the next year. So Amazon won't be helpful for me. Thanks though.
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    If you can make a Treo Roadshow, you can get a 600 for Verizon for $249 with "The Coupon".

    I'm a VZW customer and I went to the Boston roadshow this past Thursday. I'm planning on using the coupon to get the 600.
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    go with t mobile because of there data plan, at&t dosent have one so you will end up paying the same in data as you would in the $600 dollar price of the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ballistic
    If you can make a Treo Roadshow, you can get a 600 for Verizon for $249 with "The Coupon".
    That sounds AWESOME....but the closest roadshow is in Washington DC and I live in North Carolina. Anyone heading to a roadshow that wants to offer their coupon to a "needy" wannabe treonaut?

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