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    Can I have MP3 files as my ring tone or what is the file type for ring tone? On my other phone it was midi and qcp files. What is it on the treo?
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    one thread confirmed that the treo650 has built in capability for wav files. i have to think that if it can do wav it can do mp3 but i am also interested in the answer...
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    The support page says that the 650 has enhanced ringtone support. What they say that means is that, in addition to Midi (which is supported by the 600), and ADM(?), which is I believe the general standard(I may have gotten the acronym wrong).

    I didn't see anything about WAV or MP3 (and I was looking).
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    AMR files......just use the nokia converter that they link to on the page and add the file to your phone as you would a midi file,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(19349)
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    It does not support MP3 out of the box.
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    anybody know if the PPC 6601 has mp3 ringer support? seems like it would but I haven't read anywhere about this and I have never owned a ppc so am clueless as to its possibilities.
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    There are 3rd party apps that you can get to support mp3 ringers...
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    Great thanks guys!!
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    3rd party apps suck for this. mine's been buggy ever since. it works but, now i have something corrupted and anyone calling in makes my phone reset. I can't go back to midi, so i'm holding out till my 650 comes in.

    i use lightwav and i thinks it's the best so far, but it's nothing compared to P1 integrating it in the ringtone manager (which they didn't do for the 650). very frustrating how they (P1) can be leaps & bounds ahead of the competition in most areas & so far behind in others (stone-age). midis suck so bad.

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