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    What is the voice tag option for under the bluetooth\handsfree preferences settings?

    It has been stated by Palmone that the voice dialing software from Voice Signal does not support voice dialing via bluetooth headset only a wired headset.

    Page 71 from the manual says "To set up advanced features, such as auto-answer and voice tags, go to Applications and select Prefs . Select Handsfree, and then configure the settings. Note that your handsfree device with Bluetooth wireless technology must support voice tags to use that feature".

    To me this means if I have a bluetooth head that supports voice tags, I do not need the Voice Signal software? Yes? No?

    Mind you the Jabra BT250 supports voice tags and voice dialing, but the bluetooth headset for sale by Palmone (though closely spec'd like a Jabra BT250) does not mention voice dialing support. Did Palmone have Jabra leave this feature off???
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    I would really like to hear any comments on this issue. Both the manual and the simulator show options for setting up voice dialing with Bluetooth headset. But there is a lot of discussion about this not working now. Is this something that was disabled between the time the simulator and the manual were written and final production?
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    Riddle me that

    I sure that someone with make software for this because their will be a high demand for it.

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