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    A friend has recently offered to sell me his Rikaline 6031-x7 (bluetooth GPS) for a very reasonable price. I have tried it out and it performs well on my current PPC PDA, but I am planning on 'upgrading' to the Treo 650 (GSM model).

    Is there anyway of determining if the Rikaline 6031-x7 will work with the 650? I realise that I will have to purchase Palm versions of the software, but I'm more concerned about hardware compatability via bluetooth.

    Thoughts/speculation appreciated.

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    If the gps outputs standard NMEA data via BT serial link you should be fine. Check on your PDA to see what services the GPS supports. If it's using a BT COM port, you're almost certainly fine.

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    Bluetooth GPS antenna's just send raw numbers (the co÷rdinates) to the receiver, in this the treo650. It is up to the receiver what he does with it; the connection itself is just a serial connection.

    Since the Treo 650 support the BT serial profile it should work. My Tfac BT antenna also works perfectly with my TH55 and TomTom, so I don't see a problem.

    However, don't sue me if it doesn't work
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    Sounds like it should work. The device shows up as a BT serial connection on my PDA.

    I think that it's worth the investment. Worse case, I can add it to the bundle when I sell my iPaq.

    Thanks for your comments.

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