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    A few comments from my snooping around:
    Nice to see there is a specific detailed user guide on VersaMail.
    Looks like a free VPN client try-out with 650 on the CD
    Has wave file ringtone support and recording built-in
    Some issues with backup software for SD cards because of non-volatile memory (same as T|5). I expect these will get worked out.
    Video records with sound and is only limited by memory size. Not many phones leave it unlimited this way.

    Can't wait to get one...
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    Hey, nice find. I'm practically drooling. Stupid back order.
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    Treo Voice Dialing by VoiceSignal Trial on the bottom of the page. Look forward to that!
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    Crud, Voice Dialing is not compatible with Treo600
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    also does not support BT headsets.
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    To clarify... the Voice Dialing app does not support BT headsets. The 650 does support BT headsets.

    Anyone find out if you could attach to a BT wireless network node? I know it's poor mans WiFi but it would be nice to be able to do this.
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    Man, Sprint is really getting their money's worth out of that exclusive deal with palmOne. Notice the page title...
    "Support for Treo™ 650 Smartphones - a Sprint PCS product"
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    The Sprint phones have always been like that - they OEM the phones from Handspring and palmOne. They do all the sales and support stuff. You can buy the phones from palmOne but they are simply acting as an agent for Sprint when they sell Treos - it's an oddly circular relationship.
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    airdat...try one of the new voice apps that DO work with the Treo 600, like voicecommander or voicedialer!
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    The Voice Dial app for 650 looks sweet - it needs no voice training.

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