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    I just looked at my credit card bill on-line and have a $600 charge pending, which could only be the Treo (don't use it much). Didn't they say they would only charge for it when they were shipping it?
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    Is it a charge or a hold? Two different things. They most likely put a hold on there as soon as you order, even if they don't charge it.
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    Just called the credit card company and they said "it came through as a charge"
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    Who made the charge?
  5.    #5 made the charge. I ordered over the phone on Monday evening
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    Cool! Looks like yours may be on its way.
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    Call and get a tracking number.
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    Just checked my cc. It's a temporary authorization on mine, not an actual charge.

    FYI, I ordered at 9:00 am, est on Monday morning.
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    Palm One tells me it's just an authorizational hold... False alarm.
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    hey it better news than the past news...

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    I pre-ordered with my debit card, and the charge of $630 (Treo, car charger) appeared immediately. I called P1 the next day and inquired (hoping it had shipped). He said it was the pre-authorization...I agreed that was the case. I proceeded to ask him if the charge would remove itself before shipping...he said no. I explained to him that I understood P1's policy was to charge when it shipped...and it certainly hasn't shipped yet. He told me he didn't work for the bank and was not sure how it was handled. So in essence, if you use a debit card, beware, as the full charge is debited, and stays debited forever, the instant you hit the "order" button. This was news to me, as I thought P1 waited to charge your card until the unit left the distribution center. Obviously not the case.

    I suggested to the P1 rep they should put a note on the website that says if you use a debit card, the funds are withdrawn immediately, not at the time of shipment. He laughed and agreed.

    Buyer beware. Oh well.
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    it always puts a hold on for 24-48 hours. u can call and request the hold removed if it hasnt been released by then.
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    This happened to me also. I used a debit card and the money came out immediately. I didn't appreciate this. PalmOne should be specific when they say you won't be charged until it ships. They have $599 of my money, so as far as I'm concerned, I paid up front even though I shouldn't have to.
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    samething happened to me I thought it was in the process of shipping when i noticed i had a hold on my debit card. Maybe they will ship this week and we can have it Monday Just keeping my fingers crossed

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    Never use a debit card for something you might possibly need to return. The level of consumer protection for a debit card vs a real credit card are not the same.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    It depends largely on your bank. If I ever dispute a charge on my debit card, my bank will credit the funds to my account the very next day while they work out the details (of course, if I'm in the wrong, then they take the money right back, but it seems they are definitely on my side if it comes to this and the evidence would have to be glaringly obvious that I tired to pull a fast one).

    Even so, I still billed to a credit card and not debit. But then in a perfect world, we'd ALL avoid charging anything to ANY type of card unless we were perfectly able to cover the loss of funds immediately, right?
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    Some places, like CompUSA, allow you to use a debit card in two modes - bank card mode and, if it has a Mastercard or VISA seal, credit card mode. Bank card mode gets charged (and returned if necessary) right away while credit card mode works it just like a credit card.
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    If you use a debit card, use it as a visa. When the transaction is ran through the visa system you get more fraud protection and in most case extend your warranty one to two more from the original warranty. Most debit cards don't have that level of coverage.
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    I think when you use your check card on the PalmOne site you are using it as a Visa or MC. My bank still shows an authorization for 599 from palmone. I ordered Monday 6:30 AM pst.
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    I think you can only use your debit card as a credit card on the palmone site. Ordered my Treo 650 at 12:08am monday morning.
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