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    Why, oh why, are people paying $450.00 for a coupon to purchase a new Treo 600 or 650 on Ebay. I don't get it. Can somebody please explain? I am going to the Road Show and will get a coupon. I am tempted to sell it on Ebay and wait for the Verizon (my carrier) unit to become available.
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    The coupon isn't worth the powder to blow to hell and back unless the holder ATTENDED a roadshow and filled out the survey (including e-mail address) and then orders via the weblink on the coupon USING THE SAME E-MAIL ADRESS. There's also a coupon code on the coupon which is needed on the order form.

    That even one of these would sell on ebay for more than $250 (the actual coupon savings on a new 650) proves the old adage that "there's a sucker born every minute."

    Hey moderators, why don't you STICKY this so this subject goes away once and for all (and perhaps stop this coupon reselling and save some poor suckers from getting burned). Also, do any of you think palmOne will be more likely to offer this kind of program again in light of all this BS?

    SO fed up with this subject,

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