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    Don't know if anyone else cares or not, but for historical documentation and future searchers...

    I have been successful with my 650 syncing to my Win98 box.

    There were some issues getting Desktop/HotSync to install, but the install config file supports Win98, despite what P1's website says when you select Treo650 & Win98.

    The 650 install crapped out the first time, I uninstalled, messed around with the 600 install disc for a bit, then tried the 650 again and it appears to have worked the second time even though the HotSync install reported an error something like "This application has requested an abnormal method to terminate". There was also this message "C:\Program Files\Documents To Go\SyncDlgN20.dll not found". But multiple syncs with Docs2Go have shown no problems.

    Also have SplashID and TrackerDog working fine.

    Knocking on wood,
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    My VIC-20 and TRS-80 have no problems syncing with the 650
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    Eric, is your 650 desktop installation on Win98 still working OK?

    I've had my 650 ordered for a while and only just noticed it required 2000 or XP. I'll be getting a new pooter some time and haven't bothered, or had time, to upgrade the OS of the old one just for the sake of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ERicJ
    Thanks to everyone for all the W98 bashing.

    Does anyone have a constructive answer to my question:
    Is there really a new Palm Desktop for Windows that only runs on W2K/XP?

    The Treo 650 sheet says it only supports 2000 and XP, but the Palm Desktop for Windows 4.1.4 will install on Windows 98. Not having Win98 I cant try to install the Palm Desktop that came with the Treo to see if it works, but I would agree with most posters here - it is time to upgrade.
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    Windows 98 is no longer supported by Microsoft, thus is not supported by Palm.
    You should be able to get it installed and functional, but don't expect any technical support from Palm with the configuration.

    Of course, if you expect Technical Support from Palm on the Treo, regardless of desktop OS, you're fooling yourself anyway. . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggles
    Eric, is your 650 desktop installation on Win98 still working OK?
    I'd say "mostly okay". No show stopper issues.

    I occasionally have a problem where I press the HotSync button and nothing happens. If I wait a while (minutes) and try again it usually works. I believe this to be a problem on the PC side, not the Treo side, because I never see this behavior when syncing to my Solaris box at work. I've spent a long time trying to debug this and can't get a reproducable test case. So for now I just live with it. Due to a mandate from work I'll be forced to update my otherwise rock solid Win98 machine in a couple months. . . .

    Good luck.
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    FWIW: It works flawlessy on Windows ME
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    I have it working on both Win98se and Win ME
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