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    I did a search for the 650 manual and was unable to come up with anything. From what I understand, its out there, I just don't know where it is. Can someone please post the link for me? Thanks

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    650 User Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoDeJaneiro

    what happened to the link??!!
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    The Link doesn't work? anybody have something that works, or one they can e-mail me.

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    You know, looking through the manual, I've noticed a couple things:
    (1) It mentions a cameral-less version, which I *thought* the live chat with the p1 rep indicated there wouldn't be one.. maybe I took that out of context.
    (2) A few people (including myself) have a dislike for the real player b/c it's notorious for playing proprietary formats. However, the manual says "The RealPlayer software that comes with your device is compatible with the popular MP3 audio file format as well as the RealAudio RA, RM and RMJ file formats". Maybe it won't be so bad afterall. I like the PTunes ability to play streaming mp3s, but seriously, that novelty grew off after a few weeks for me.
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    I just found the manual online in PDF and read the whole thing and saved it on my PC. Now I can't find the site where I got it from but if you still need it, email me at and I will send it to you.
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    Since this older thread has been revived, for anyone interested, the User Handbooks can be located and downloaded from Palm's Support page. Pick your particular carrier from the drop-down box. That carrier's page will pop up, look along the right-hand side, under "Handbooks", for the links.

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