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    Hi, my only internet access is through my phone, and I want to get the email off of my treo and onto my computer for archival purposes. I have a pop3 account and have tried solutions such as Versamail and Inbox to Go Wireless, but can't get it to work. The problem is the "sync" in every app I've tried is just one way. New messages on the desktop are copied over to the phone, but not the other way. If I download the messages on my phone, then the sync conduit does not see the messages on the desktop, therefore it thinks these messages have been deleted from the desktop, so it proceeds to delete them from the phone. Does anyone have any "true sync" or 2-way sync solutions not being use imap. Thanks, James
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    Why not set your Treo email app to leave the messages on the server. Then, also set your Treo email app to bcc your outgoing messages to your own email address. That way, all of your emails can be downloaded on the desktop, and also on the Treo.
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    The poster's only internet access is his/her phone. I suggest you use PDAnet or Wireless Modem and use your phone for internet access on your desktop/laptop. Ask your carrier about data usage charges and TOS if applicable. Good luck.
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