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    I recently purchases Treo 270 from ebay. I put my sim card on the Treo but it doesn't seem to be working. I get a message saying no sim card. Also it won't dial any phone numbers. Can anyone give me advice on how I can get started? I bought the treo 270 because I needed a phone and organizer. What do I need to do to get my treo working?

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    It would possible that you may have purchased a non working unit? Or a non-US unit 900/1800 instead of 900/1900?

    Or the SIM door could have a problem failing to make contact with your SIM card.
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    Check where the SIM card goes. There should be a small black tab that is sprung.

    With the SIM card removed, the black tab should stick up just to the left of the SIM contacts (if memory serves me)

    If that black tab is missing, the unit is faulty...
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    I purchased a working unit. I turns on and use as an organizer(appointments, and notes). But I cann't get the phone to work. There is black tab that stick up just to the left of the SIM contacts when SIM card removed. Any more ideas??

    How do I know if it's a US product or not?

    Thanks for the opinions

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