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    decided to hard reset my T600..I have backup buddy so no worries. However when I reset and I get to the touchscreen calibration part of the intitial set up, It gets caught in a loop. I touch the stylus to the x in the bottom corner, then the top corner, then the center then it starts all over. I've tried
    a. soft reset
    b. hard reset
    c. can't restore from back up until I get past this stupid screen

    what do I do??????
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    You don't happen to have a plastic cover or case on your Treo, do you? If you do, can you take it off.

    I got caught with the same problem once but realized that the calibration part is exacting it what it needs, you need to hit the x close to the center of each x. If you are off by few it will repeat.
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    my wife hit my $500 phone on the side and then tapped the x with her finger and got it to work. I hate her.
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