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    Got this email from sprint. I guess it is a general buy back offer they are giving to all the customers. The email looks very ambigious, don't know if they meant they will buy back my T600 and give $75 Credit on the new phone or they will buy back my T600 for 75$.

    Did anyone else get this?


    ps. Look at the attachment, I did a screen capture of the offer I got in the email.
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    Just checked email - I didn't get the offer.
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    That's just the normal Sprint recycle your old phone offer. I think it's $75 for any Vision capable phone, not just T600s.
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    kinda sad, 75bucks...i'll buy ure t600 for that much!
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    I got that email and plan to reply with a counteroffer.
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    Offer them $80 for every T600 that they buy back under this program (except the ones that come from the seventh-Treo-in-3-months posters...too much bad karma or something).

    Yeah, I got the offer, but I decided to pass on it. Actually I was excited about it for a while. I thought maybe I could sell them my wife's Kyocera 2035 for $75. Not!

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