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    I was disappointed to see my plans of listening to audible content in my car from my treo by using a treo 600 headphone adapter to RCA cables to RCA-in on Panasonic head unit failed. When its plugged in the speaker phone on treo still plays instead of using headphone out.

    My guess is the 6' run of rca cable has too much resistance or impedence (not sure which term is correct) and the treo amp cant handle that load. A shorter cable is not possible because the head unit has inputs on back so they were mounted when installed.

    Anyone else have a similar setup or can offer any ideas. I have a Neuros also, and it works fine in this manner, but that machine is 3 times the size of the treo.

    WOndered if I could find an inline amp that wouldnt be too dirty, but for spoken word and audiobooks, Id be kinda forgiving.
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    search this forum. there are lot of discussion on how to resolve this.
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    There is a part I use specifically for this. Go to RadioShack and get the simple $5.99 part that adds an in-line volume adjuster and put it into your system of wires and adapters, set at approx 3/4 volume. It should work then. The part can be found hanging on the pegs with the rest of the in-home stereo equipment wires and parts.


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