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    Can anything be done to improve the resolution of the camera on-board the Treo 600? Is there any software that can assist?
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    Yes, do a search for Qset. You can change the jpeg compression from a factory preset of 65% to 99%. This will create a slightly larger file size (sometimes too large to MMS) but a much improved picture.

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    where do you search for Qset from at?
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    here at yourself a favor and read the FAQ
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    i installed Qset. but i cannot tell the difference in the pictures? I set the jpeg compression at 90 and hit "ok" and i dont see a result. Am i doing something wrong?
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    You cannot see a difference on your Treo. It shows it on the desk/laptop when the pics are emailed to yourself.
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    Take a picture inside of something on your desk with it set at 65, then 90, you should see a major difference between the two.


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